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A word on wines by Andrew Goghian

One of my passions in the wine trade is matching different styles of food with different wines. As we have a leg in both camps of both the wine industry and the food industry, combining our cookery school at Sheepbridge with our wine wholesaling arm, we are in a unique position to make informed comment on both aspects. I have outlined some general principles of styles of wine to match with styles of foods. This is the basis of our new wine and cookery book due to hit the shops in July, so here a quick taster of what is to come later this summer.

The main principle in matching wine is not to match but to contrast. The wine should be used as an ingredient in the dish as a contrasting element, so if a recipe has a high acidity, choose a wine with high fruit content to match to it. Classical faux pas include choosing Chardonnay based wines with Fish such as smoked salmon, or selecting a heavy spiced Shiraz to match with white meats which drowns the flavours.

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