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Leading Light… the way forward

Leading Light Magazine was launched in 2007, although a great concept the project did not have a forward vision with a complimentary growth strategy. However what the initial first 2 issues did have was blue chip advertisers such as Sunseeker and Bentley, eager to reach the magazines target audience.

Leading Light was to be the first publication dedicated to marina lifestyle and was distributed to various marina developments, aimed at the berth holders. A super concept with little or no competition… should the structure of the magazine and distribution be competent and thorough to achieve the goal.

As a close spectator to the first issues, one could see obvious improvements that could be made to ensure certain distribution and therefore a more accurate record of readership. The structure of the magazine could be dramatically improved too, captivating the reader to lead them through an informative and entertaining journey through the publication.

So we took over….

Leading Light Publications was born and immediately set about trademark protection in all formats.

Leading Light although delightful in its previous guise, is now subject to a creative shake up! A new format and layout will ensure that a readers time with Leading Light will be enjoyable, repeatable and more than mentionable to another.

Distribution, key to attracting the advertiser and paramount in achieving the target audience has now a formidable structure. Our duty to the target reader will be to ensure that not only the berth holder receives each and every edition but also the residents and business owners to each marina eagerly grab Leading Light from the letterbox….

However that’s not enough!

Leading Light Publications has further targets and has structured accordingly. A comprehensive report of distribution is available and will be included with media packs. Now for a preview…

We will commit to a circulation including but not limited to:

Hotels, Health Spas, Airport Lounges, Private Medical Centres, Private Members Clubs, appropriate Limousines, Jet Centres & Heliports, and Car Valets such as Mayfair & Sloane Square….

To complete European distribution for this phase, Leading Light will travel to:

Sardinia – copies in 6 luxury 5* hotels and into Costa Smerelda Yacht Club.
Spain – copies into 10 luxury 5* hotels in Barcelona, Palma and Marbella.
France – 200 copies into approximately 10 x 5* hotels along Cote D’Azur and Monaco.

Now International… freighted to Dubai then distributed into luxury 5* hotels, yachting marinas and health spas – courier to the USA straight into approximately 10 x 5* hotel Fort Lauderdale and Miami to target international boat shows – and replicate the UK distribution in New York with consideration to eventually establishing a full presence there to incorporate the full potential of the US market.

Powerful content…

With this comprehensive distribution the editorial content of Leading Light must stand up as a world publication, requiring extensive knowledge of each sector featured – therefore we need an expert for each sector and an understanding of that market, its trends and current movement.

Guest Editors from the world of sailing, powerboating, yachts and super yachts, new technology, super cars, fashion, food and the world of wine, will provide comment addressing current trends in each section of the magazine, while financial analysis of each sector will provide Leading Light Publications with accurate statistics to communicate to the advertisers.

Such financial analysis will provide the management of Leading Light Publications with valuable strategic knowledge of the company’s own market position. We will have an insight as to how our readers will be affected with indicators of consumer economy. Implementing our own sensitivity analysis we will illustrate the maintenance of market position in times of uncertainty. Such information provided to our advertisers will ensure that they in turn establish prudent marketing strategies with Leading Light Magazine as an integral partner.

Employing the expertise of a financial guest editor will present another section to the Magazine…

“Leading Light Financial”…

Pink Pages Pullout – guest editors, guest advisors, expert market comment, key targeted advertising opportunities, providing Leading Light Publications with extended readership and potential further expansion.

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